State Commits to Senator Kennedy to Support WNY Communities in Storm Response

With an unprecedented second blizzard warning in 2014, Kennedy calls Emergency Services Commissioner to monitor state response to storm.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Senator Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, called New York State Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Jerome Hauer this morning to ensure the state's preparedness to support storm response in Western New York. Western New York is facing an unprecedented second blizzard warning in 2014, and Kennedy is closely monitoring the state's response.

"This morning, I spoke with Commissioner Hauer to ensure the state is fully prepared and ready to respond to the winter storm bearing down on Western New York. With the National Weather Service issuing a blizzard warning across the region, the state has assured me that they are actively engaged and ready to help local municipalities with storm response and recovery efforts," Kennedy said.

"The state has already taken measures and is preparing for further actions to respond to the storm. They are sending resources to our region through the Department of Transportation, the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Thruway Authority and several other agencies to help alleviate the burden on local municipalities as they battle this storm.

"The state has dispatched additional crews from across the state to support snow removal on state roads in Western New York, and they are prepared to engage in snow removal on local roads if needed," Kennedy added. "I also made Commissioner Hauer aware of the higher temperatures expected later this week, which may rapidly melt snow posing potential flooding threats. In addition to helping local communities with any flooding issues that arise after the melt, I urged the Commissioner to get the state more deeply engaged in helping Western New York mitigate against the flooding problems that have devastated some local neighborhoods.

"Weather conditions are worsening in Western New York, and I encourage residents to exercise extreme caution and avoid travel if possible. Western New Yorkers know how to weather a storm, and it starts by putting safety first."


Senator Timothy M. Kennedy represents the New York State Senate’s 63rd District, which is comprised of the town of Cheektowaga, the city of Lackawanna and nearly all of the city of Buffalo. More information is available at