Governor Hochul Signs Senator Stavisky Hate Crimes Legislation

Legislation (S.6570/A.1202) Requires Individuals Convicted of Hate Crimes to Undergo Mandatory Counseling in Hate Crime Prevention and Education

Governor Kathy Hochul today signed legislation (S.6570/A.1202), sponsored by Senator Toby Ann Stavisky and Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright, requiring individuals convicted of hate crimes to, in addition to other penalties, undergo mandatory training or counseling in hate crime prevention and education. This legislation aims to target the basis of hate crimes amid a state and nationwide surge in hate related attacks.
“We are living in an era of disinformation. Lies and divisive rhetoric are fomenting hatred and that hatred is leading to unprovoked acts of violence,” says Senator Toby Stavisky (D- 11th District). “Xenophobia has historically been used as a tool to drive disunity. These attacks are rooted in ignorance and resentment. We must do more than simply punish these attackers. Whether it be neo-nazis in the subway or hateful extremists in Colorado, it is time to replace hate with education. This legislation will help educate perpetrators in an attempt to help break this troubling cycle. I want to thank Governor Hochul for signing this legislation and demonstrating that hate has no place in New York."    
Governor Kathy Hochul says, "Our hearts are broken after a weekend during which LGBTQ Americans were massacred and Jewish New Yorkers were targeted in horrific acts of hateful violence. New York belongs to the good, not those with hate in their hearts - we're taking bold action to reclaim our city and state from the haters, bigots and white supremacists. Domestic-based violent extremism is the greatest threat to our homeland security, and that is why we continue to remain laser-focused on combatting hate and keeping New Yorkers safe."
Assemblymember Rebecca Seawright says, "Hate has no place in New York State. In response to the disturbing rise in hateful acts of violence, including attacks on my district office, I introduced Assembly Bill 1202 to mandate "anti-hate" training, education and counseling for every person convicted of a hate crime. I thank and commend Governor Kathy Hochul for supporting and signing this important legislation as we are witnessing a distressing rise in threats to Jewish and LGBTQ+ communities and people of color in New York and across the country. We are deeply mourning the victims of yet another violent shooting against LGBTQ+ individuals in Colorado Springs this past weekend. Education is a key antidote to hate and intolerance, and our legislation is aimed at keeping our communities safe. I am proud to stand united with Governor Hochul against the surge in hate crimes in our State of New York,"  
Under this new legislation these programs, training sessions, or counseling sessions must be authorized by the court or local agencies in cooperation with organizations serving the affected community. This bill will take effect thirty days after today’s signing.