For the second year in a row, the New York State Senate passes Senator Toby Stavisky’s bill, requiring bus drivers to display their credentials while driving

Senator Stavisky: Three years ago, an unlicensed bus driver and two others were killed in my district in a crash that should never have happened. This bill will help prevent future tragedies.

On September 18, 2017, an empty Dahlia Group charter bus slammed into an MTA bus in Flushing, Queens, killing the charter bus driver, and two others. At the time of the crash, the charter bus was traveling at twice the speed limit. Although outside factors were deemed to have likely played a significant role in the crash, the NTSB’s investigation found “no record” that the driver had the appropriate qualifications to take the wheel of such a large vehicle.

This bill will amend the vehicle and traffic law, forcing drivers to display their credentials while working. This way, passengers are assured they are putting their lives in the hands of a qualified, trained driver when they climb aboard. The bill also requires the inspection status be clearly visible, so customers know the vehicle meets the standards of the road.

Private charter buses do big business in New York, especially with the state’s growing casino and tourism industries. This common sense legislation will help ensure safety on our streets and highways.