Senator Toby Ann Stavisky (D- 16th District) Applauds New Election Reform Package to Further Empower New York State Voters

Senator Stavisky: Last year, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to open more avenues for voters to cast their ballots. That led to an historic voter turnout in New York and across the country. We must continue to improve on those avenues.

Albany, NY- The Senate Democratic Majority is once again advancing major legislation to improve New York State’s electoral system. This is the most recent effort by the Majority to pass major pro-voter, pro-democracy legislation. The bills being passed by the Senate Majority build on the historic reforms passed during the last two Legislative Sessions. The legislative package includes greater access to absentee ballots, and improves on the way they are tracked and counted.

“Our most recent election proved how effective absentee voting can be in ensuring more New Yorkers make their voices heard,” says Senator Stavisky. “This unprecedented election also showcased a need for a system that can more efficiently count those votes. The legislation we are passing will help speed up the absentee ballot counting process in a way that all New Yorkers can trust.”

Among the other bills being advanced is legislation to help prevent voter disenfranchisement, enable earlier voter registration and permanently allow online absentee ballot applications. You can find a full summary of all voting reforms passed by the Majority here.