Senator Toby Stavisky Passes Bill Through The Senate, Making All Public Libraries Available To The Public For Census Related Services

Senator Stavisky: As the Census Bureau moves into The Digital Age, we must make sure everyone has access to secure technology, so no New York State community goes underreported.

Undercounted census tracts have long been a concern in the diverse state of New York. Historically, minority communities and people of color, as well as those struggling financially, have been among the groups commonly underrepresented. That misrepresentation can have real consequences that ripple throughout those communities for years.

If the 2020 Census is inaccurate, it could mean less congressional representation, diminished federal funding, and cuts to key state and federal programs. This year, with the Census offered predominately online, people without access to the appropriate technology will have an even more difficult time self-reporting.

That is why Senator Stavisky is pushing to amend the education law by requiring The New York State Library, all libraries of public institutions of higher learning, and Indian libraries open their doors, so that everyone can make sure they are counted. This will help ensure funding and support goes to the communities that need them most.