Kaminsky Co-Sponsors Bill Outlawing Accelerated Fire-Rate Gun Accessories

Todd Kaminsky

October 17, 2017

Bill to close loopholes for possession and sale of bump stocks

(Rockville Centre, New York) – Following the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, State Senator Todd Kaminsky co-sponsored legislation that would close a dangerous loophole that allows for possession and sale of gun accessories used to accelerate the firing rate of a semiautomatic weapon such as bump stocks in New York State.

“As a staunch advocate for common sense gun control,  I am proud to co-sponsor legislation that imposes felony charges for possession, shipment or sale of ‘Bump Stocks.’ These accessories serve no legitimate purpose other than to inflict mass casualties. Reducing gun violence must be a priority in New York -- I will work tirelessly to make this a reality,” said State Senator Todd Kaminsky.

The bill, S.6902, would make it a class D felony to possess, sell, ship, or transport gun accessories able to accelerate the firing rate of semiautomatic weapons. Twelve of the weapons used in the Las Vegas shooting were modified bump stock guns, with the accessory tripling and quadrupling the traditional fire-rate of these weapons. While it is already illegal to possess a weapon modified in this manner in New York, owning the accessory itself is not a crime.