Avella’s Senior Citizen Dmv Discount Included in Senate Budget Resolution

Tony Avella

March 14, 2014

(ALBANY, NEW YORK) Senator Tony Avella was extremely pleased to announce today that his long-standing proposal to provide a discount to Senior Citizens at the Department of Motor Vehicles has been included as part of this year’s Senate One-House Budget Resolution. 

Senator Avella has been advocating for the discount since his days in the City Council and went on to introduce the discount as State legislation upon taking State office.  The proposal would provide a 10% discount to driver’s license renewal fees for Senior Citizens of at least 65 years of age. 

Avella stated, “I am absolutely thrilled that the language of my bill was included as part of the Senate One-House Budget Resolution. In today’s difficult economic climate, our seniors need all the help they can get.  Implementing this discount will be a grand gesture of support that will certainly lessen senior citizens’ financial burdens, even if it’s in a small way.” 

Over the last decade, and particularly since the financial collapse in late 2008, the large majority of Senior Citizens in the state have incurred an ever-increasing financial burden as a result of increased property taxes and healthcare and medication costs.  Yet most of these senior citizens are on extremely limited fixed-incomes and are in no position to absorb these increases.  

The One-House Senate Budget Resolution will now be negotiated as part of the Final Executive Budget. 

Avella concluded, “I commend the Senate Majority Coalition for including this gesture of support to our Seniors as part of the Senate Budget Resolution, and I look forward to having it passed as part of the final State Budget.”