Avella Letter Leads to Flushing Prostitution Bust

Tony Avella

August 08, 2017

Queens, NY – In late June, Senator Avella contacted the 109th Precinct on behalf of a constituent who suspected his neighbors of running a prostitution business. This week, four Flushing residents were arrested and charged for their role in the prostitution ring. Two were charged with prostitution while the other two were charged with promoting prostitution.

Though the location, 146-04 Kalmia Avenue, is outside of Senator Avella’s district, a neighbor contacted him seeking relief for the neighborhood.

Senator Avella’s June letter detailed the neighbor’s complaints that every night men would park their cars in front of the house in question, get escorted through a side door, and drive away an hour later. Often times, neighbors would observe women in very revealing clothing entering and exiting the home.

Following Senator Avella’s letter, NYPD’s Queens North Vice informed the Queens Senator that they had begun an investigation into the property.

“I was happy to hear this week that the NYPD took action and shut down this prostitution business giving much needed relief to the Flushing community. The NYPD was very quick to begin an investigation into this property following the community’s complaints and we all thank them for how responsive they have been. This property could not have been shut down without the help of the neighbor who alerted me to the situation. This positive outcome is a direct result of a community member caring enough about the quality of life of everyone in the area to report something that seemed out of place,” said Senator Avella