Dangerous Bayside Intersection to Finally Get Left Turn Signal

Tony Avella

August 17, 2017

Queens, NY – After asking for nearly two decades, Bay Terrace residents will finally be getting the left-turn signal they have wanted. Senator Tony Avella announced today that the Department of Transportation (DOT) will be installing a left-turn signal at the intersection of Corporal Kennedy Street and 26th Avenue.

The new left-turn signal will contain first of its kind technology for New York City that does not activate the light until triggered by a vehicle.

Last August, Senator Avella received a letter from DOT saying that after denying requests for more traffic controls at this site for nearly twenty years their Pedestrian Projects Group would finally review the existing conditions. While DOT did not specifically mention what safety enhancements were being studied for this intersection, Senator Avella responded strongly saying, “anything less than a left-turn signal is simply unacceptable.”

Almost exactly a year later, DOT reached out to Senator Avella to inform him that they completed their study and the left-turn signal he asked for was on its way.

“The Bay Terrace community has been asking for additional traffic controls for almost two decades. Finally, after being denied time and time again, DOT listened. I am not sure why it took them so long to address this but I’m glad that they finally are. Pedestrians and motorists alike will be happy to hear the news that their voices were ultimately heard and that a left-turn signal will finally be installed,” said Senator Avella.

“After working for almost twenty years on this—well before I was in elected office—along with the Bay Terrace Community Alliance, I am very happy to know that this heavily trafficked and very busy intersection will finally get the traffic controls that so many people have asked for,” added Avella.

Over the past several decades, two people have died crossing this heavily trafficked intersection.  There is also a senior citizen center and a housing development for Holocaust survivors on this corner.