Senator Avella Allocates Funding for Much Needed Captain Dermody Triangle Repairs

Tony Avella

April 28, 2014

(Bayside Hills, Queens) On Saturday, April 26th, Senator Avella joined members of the Bayside Hills Civic Association at their annual Spring Festival to announce a $275,000 funding allocation for much needed repairs to Captain Dermody Triangle Park. 

Senator Avella was able to secure the funding as part of his Capital Expenses request for 2013-2014 after joining the Independent Democratic Conference in February. 

The park, located at the intersection of 48th Avenue and 216th Street in Bayside Hills, is named after Captain William C. Dermody, a dedicated and outspoken abolitionist who was mortally wounded in the Civil War on May 12, 1864 during the battle of Spotsylvania in Virginia.  A large monument sits in the middle of the Park in his honor.  

The Bayside Hills Civic Association has used the Park for many community events throughout the years but the park has become extremely run down, requiring extensive repairs.  Poor pavement, damaged sidewalks, lack of greenery, broken benches, dead trees, and stumps that have yet to be removed can all be seen as residents walk by this serene square.   

“Dermody Square is a perfect place for Bayside Hills Civic to use for their community events,” stated Senator Avella. “It is really a shame that the City allowed the conditions of this park to become so poor by failing to maintain the site over the years.  Funding for Dermody Square has been on the drawing board dating back to my days in the City Council and I am thrilled that I was able to finally obtain the needed monies to repair the park.  I look forward to working with the Parks Department on starting the repairs so that the residents can once again enjoy this beautiful square.”

Mr. Michael Feiner, President of the Bayside Hills Civic Association, stated, “We are so appreciative that Senator Tony Avella was able to come up with funding to refurbish and renovate Dermody Triangle. A wonderful committee worked tirelessly toward this end and we are ecstatic their efforts and dreams have been realized. Our thanks to them, the recognition gained through Council Member Mark Weprin's Participatory Budgeting process, and Senator Avella for finally bringing this process to fruition. Our community will be sure to enjoy Dermody Triangle for years to come!”