Senator Avella Announces New Traffic Controls in Queens Village

Tony Avella

April 11, 2014

(Bayside, Queens) State Senator Tony Avella was glad to announce today that the Department of Transportation (DOT) finally approved his long standing request for the installation of an “All Way” stop at the intersection of Vanderveer Street and 89th Avenue in Queens Village.

DOT will install the “All Way” stop within the next month to address safety concerns from Queens Village residents who reported dangerous traffic conditions caused by limited visibility at this location. Senator Avella continued to follow up with DOT since the initial request was submitted in 2011 and received the approval notification earlier this week.

Senator Avella stated, “It certainly took a while but I am extremely pleased that this dangerous intersection will now have additional controls, which will significantly improve traffic safety in the area.  The poor visibility at this location has caused a number of accidents over the years and local residents have long sought relief for the hazardous traffic conditions along 89th Avenue. I am glad that an “All Way” stop was finally approved.”

The “All Way” stop for Vanderveer Street and 89th Avenue was requested by a local resident, Haider Ali, through Senator Avella’s “Civic Action Checklist” newsletter, which solicited complaints from residents. 

"I would like to use this opportunity to sincerely thank Senator Tony Avella and his team for taking the time to listen and be proactive about the concerns of his constituents,” stated Haider Ali. “Senator Avella and his office continually followed up on the concerns regarding an unsafe intersection at the corner of Vanderveer and 89th Avenue. I've witnessed many accidents and many would-be accidents at this intersection and am happy to know there will now be an "All Way Stop" to improve safety thanks to the work of Senator Avella."