Senator Avella: DOT Continues to Put Bay Terrace Residents in Danger

Tony Avella

September 19, 2016

Queens, NY – Today, Senator Avella announced that the Department of Transportation has once again failed to recognize the dangers lurking on 23rd Avenue by denying a request for all-way stop signs at two Bay Terrace intersections.

Over the last decade, constituents have continually asked for, and have been continually denied, an all way stop sign at the intersection of 23rd Avenue and Corporal Kennedy Street as well as the intersection of 23rd Avenue and 211th Street.

“My constituents and I have continually expressed the dangers these intersections present for our community. Unfortunately, DOT has denied my multiple requests for additional controls at these intersections, dating back to my tenure in City Council” stated Senator Avella. “Despite their denials, this is a very dangerous location. The road curves, visibility is limited, and part of 23rd Avenue prior to the curve is uphill” added Senator Avella.

This month, Department of Transportation denied Senator Avella’s most recent request saying the traffic conditions currently do not meet nationally recognized safety standards for the installation of a stop sign.

“In addition to the risks posed to motorists and pedestrian safety, the current traffic conditions at these intersections make it difficult for residents of the Bay Club, a large co-op development, to enter and exit their complex. The Department of Transportation’s lack of action will continue to put the community in danger. Mayor de Blasio and DOT say they’re interested in traffic safety—through their Vision Zero program—yet dangerous intersections in this City remain unaddressed. Shame on both the Mayor and DOT,” concluded Senator Avella.