Senator Avella Extending Office Hours for Immigration Assistance

Tony Avella

February 21, 2017

Queens, NY – On Monday, February 27, in conjunction with the Independent Democratic Conference’s (IDC) Immigrant Defense Coalition, State Senator Tony Avella will be hosting extended office hours to offer immigration assistance to anyone in the area who may be in need of assistance.

Senator Avella has partnered with CUNY School of Law to provide this information to the community. Senator Avella will keep his office open from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM and have an experienced immigration attorney from CUNY Law School’s alumni network on-site to answer questions in a confidential setting that is free of charge. This week’s attorney is bilingual in English and Korean. Anyone interested in meeting with the immigration attorney is asked to call Senator Avella’s office (718-357-3094) to reserve a spot within that 2-hour window.

The IDC has also established an emergency hotline and partnerships with immigrant groups. Those needing assistance with any immigration matter are urged to call 1(800) 213-6385.

In addition, the IDC will again in this year’s budget prioritize funding for immigration groups that provide necessary services for New Yorkers.

“This country was built on the backs of immigrants who came here looking for a better life for their families, many of them fleeing persecution. To deny them entry or support is to deny our American values etched in stone on the Statue of Liberty. The IDC and I will continue to fight to fund programs that aid immigrants and ensure that any person who needs help or resources knows that my office door is open to assist them. To the immigrants of Queens, and all of America, know that my office will always advocate on your behalf,” said Senator Avella.