Senator Avella Introduces Legislation to Reform the Criminal Discovery Laws

Tony Avella

August 09, 2017

Queens, NY – Earlier today, State Senator Tony Avella introduced companion legislation in the State Senate to Assembly Member Joe Lentol’s bill, A7292, which seeks to reform the evidentiary discovery process in criminal cases.

This bill, S6848, seeks to reform the discovery rules by obligating prosecutors to share relevant evidence with defense attorneys within reasonable periods after the arraignment of a defendant, restructuring the subpoena process to improve efficiency and communication, and providing additional protections for witnesses and confidential informants to ensure their safety.

“The state’s restrictive discovery statute, dubbed The Blindfold Law, has created a system that is inefficient and unjust.  I look forward to working with the individuals and organizations involved in this legislation, such as the New York State Bar Association, to make this law a reality,” said Senator Avella.

“I also plan to have discussions with prosecutors and law enforcement personnel regarding this legislation to hear their concerns and ensure that this legislation keeps witnesses and confidential informants safe,” added Avella.