Senator Avella Requests Vacant Lot be Transformed into Greenstreet

Tony Avella

January 12, 2017

Queens, NY – Senator Tony Avella sent a letter to the Commissioners of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and Tower Capital Management regarding their upcoming auction of an undevelopable abandoned lot on Francis Lewis Boulevard. Avella’s letter asks for the property to be transformed under NYC’s Greenstreets initiative.

The property, which is owned by the New York City Tax Lien Trust, is scheduled to be auctioned off on January 20th. This property previously failed to be auctioned off at a September 9th auction due to it’s undevelopable nature. The lot has been abandoned for decades and has been a constant nuisance and eyesore for the community.

“Why should the City pawn this property, that cannot be developed, off onto an unsuspecting buyer when we can easily transform it into green infrastructure that can benefit the whole community? This abandoned lot has been a nuisance for decades, it’s about time we do something positive for the community. I hope DPR, and Tower Capital Management take this recommendation into serious consideration prior to their upcoming auction,” said Senator Avella.