Weekly Legislative Update: Senator Avella and Senate Colleagues Pass Series of Legislation Increasing Public Safety and Transparency in Government

Tony Avella

March 24, 2014

(ALBANY, NEW YORK) – State Senator Tony Avella is the co-sponsor of seven bills (S1443, S4322, S1905, S3046, S1516A, S1480, S2455) which have passed the Senate in the last ten days. This legislative series would address a number of issues within New York State, including transparency in government and protections for public safety. 

Working in a bi-partisan fashion, Senator Avella co-sponsored bills that are designed to increase public safety:

  • S1905: Increases the penalties for the theft of a motor vehicle when a child under 16 is inside or on the vehicle.

  • S1516A: Titled the Faculty/Student Safety Act, this authorizes school districts to enforce and continue the suspension of a pupil that was ordered by the school district where the pupil previously attended.

  • S1480: Prohibits the use of radar or laser blacking devices in all motor vehicles.

  • S2455: Enacts Michelle and Jordan’s law, which mandates harsher penalties for speed racing. 

Senator Avella also co-sponsored a series of bills designed to increase government transparency by curtailing corruption and making state government more accessible to the public: 

  • S1443: Prohibits the formation of a subsidiary of a public authority or public benefit corporation without prior permission of the legislative. 
  • S3046C: Requires that all committee and floor votes be made available online and that the session and committee meetings be webcast. 


Senator Avella also co-sponsored legislation (S4322) that would, in specific instances, provide the option for the interment of pet cremated remains in certain cemetery corporations.