Bill Impacting Early Childhood Education Passes Senate

Dear Advocates for Children & Families:

A bill I am sponsoring, S.5650-C, passed the Senate on May 2, 2012. This legislation would direct the Commissioner of the New York State Education Department to issue a report on early childhood education in daycare settings.

Extensive research has proven that children with access to high-quality early education have a major advantage over those who do not. Currently, early childhood education in New York State is provided in a number of settings, from day care centers to nursery schools to private homes to public schools. The guidelines and regulations governing these activities vary by setting and are overseen by either the Office of Children and Family Services or the New York State Education Department.

New York must correct this fragmentation of services. This bill is a necessary first step to create an early childhood education system with a focus on providing services to ensure a child’s school readiness, regardless of the setting. The study and report required under this bill would include recommendations for strengthening the daycare system to provide care with a focus on early childhood education.

The bill has been referred to the Assembly Education Committee for consideration. If you would like to share your support for this bill, I encourage you to reach out to the chair of the Education Committee, Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan. Her contact information is:

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan
Chair, Assembly Education Committee
Legislative Office Building 836
Albany, NY 12248

Velmanette Montgomery
State Senator, 18th District