NYCHA Reports on Heat and Hot Water Restorations

*** UPDATE*** NYCHA Reports on Heat and Hot Water Restorations

As of November 5 at 11:00 a.m.,  NYCHA reported that it has successfully restored heat and hot water to:

33   Developments (complete)

1   Development (partial)212 Buildings

19,664 Apartment Units

42,262 Residents

NYCHA has not yet been able restore heat and hot as a result of boiler systems suffering water damage and/or loss of electrical power to:

27   Developments (complete)

1  Development (partial)174 Buildings

14,901 Apartment Units

34,555 Residents

Restoration of Electrical Power -- water damage to NYCHA's and Con Edison's equipment resulted in a loss of electricity in several developments. To date, electrical service has been restored to:

48 Developments (complete)

5 Developments (partial)287 Buildings

26,364 Apartment Units

58,125 Residents

Electrical service remains to be restored at:

11 Developments (complete) 

5 Development (partial)

115 Buildings 9,112 Apartment Units 21,201

Residents' Restoration of Elevator Service:

To safeguard the Housing Authority's elevator fleet, NYCHA initially removed 399 elevators from service; all of these elevators were damaged by the storm. In addition, NYCHA's post-Hurricane Sandy assessment found another 300 elevators out of service due to impacts from the storm. To date, 493 of 699 have been returned to service, affecting:

49 Developments

11 Developments (partial)232 Buildings

23,582 Units

50,594 Residents

Elevator service remains to be restored at:

23 Developments

11 Developments (Partial)

111 Buildings

10,454   Units

23,225 Residents

On November 4, 2012, NYCHA distributed 7,400 Blankets: 2,550  Gowanus Community Center 2,500  Rutgers Community Center 1,350  O'Dwyer Gardens

On November 5, 2012, NYCHA will distribute additional Blankets: 3,200 Coney Island area 8,500 Far Rockaway area 1,500 Lower East Side area

These distribution runs will include other items such as MREs (meals ready to eat), water, diapers and baby formula.