"Restaurants Lending A Helping Hand Act" Encourages Food Donations During Difficult Economic Climate

Velmanette Montgomery

April 09, 2010

For Release: April 9, 2010

Senator Velmanette Montgomery: Legislation Will Assist People in Need and Build Relationships Between Food Providers & Charitable Organizations

NYS Senator Velmanette Montgomery (D- Brooklyn) announced that the State Senate this week passed legislation (S6303/A9252 ) which will encourage food service industries to donate food to charitable organizations.

Many of these organizations have been overwhelmed by increased demand given the economic crisis, and this bill will foster mutually beneficial relationships by providing restaurants with protections from criminal and civil liabilities. 

Senator Montgomery, a co-sponsor of the Restaurants Lending a Helping Hand Act, noted that the this bill “represents a wise use of nutritional resources and will help keep people from poverty and from going hungry  – waste not, want not.”

Approximately one-quarter of all food served in restaurants is thrown away solely because, although fresh, restaurants fear possible liability in the unlikely event of sickness. Wise use of one's resources will keep one from poverty. This bill maintains that donors must comply with laws regulating the health or sanitation of food, such as public health codes.

“Encouraging a healthy partnership between our local businesses and charitable organizations is important to our constituents,” said Senator Montgomery. 

“Countless children and their families look to these organizations for a daily meal.  This common-sense bill that will protect restaurants from the threat of liability and make sure restaurants are not punished for their good deeds.”