Senate Majority Extends Rights to LGBT Couples

Velmanette Montgomery

June 30, 2010

Montgomery Legislation Grants Bereavement Leave To Employees In Same Sex Relationships

(Albany, NY): The NYS Senate gave final approval this week to legislation (S.6177-A) sponsored by State Senator Velmanette Montgomery (D-Brooklyn), that allows individuals involved in same-sex relationships to be granted funeral or bereavement leave from their place of employment.

The bill extends this privilege, which is currently afforded to employees who are married, by adding a section to the civil rights law that prohibits employers from discriminating in the granting of funeral or bereavement leave to its employees who are in a committed same-sex relationship.

“This bill recognizes the fact that love, loyalty and dedication are the cornerstone of any committed relationship regardless of a person's sexual orientation. It merely provides that bereavement leave be granted to individuals involved in same-sex relationships on the same basis as those granted to employees who are married,” said Senator Montgomery, who is also a sponsor of the marriage equality bill authored by Senator Thomas Duane (D-Manhattan).

Having passed both the Senate and Assembly, the bill will now be sent to the Governor for consideration and enactment into law.