The Anti-Gun Agenda

William J. Larkin, Jr.

April 19, 2010

Sixteen bills have been identified by sportsmen’s advocates as key to Albany’s anti-gun agenda. I oppose all of these bills, and will work to defeat them so that the rights of gun owners are preserved.

Please make sure you sign the petition to voice your opposition to these bills.

1. 5-year handgun licenses (S 1598A/A801A)—would require all legal handgun owners to reregister every five years.

2. Gun dealer liability for criminal acts (S 1715/A1093)—exposes retailers to lawsuits when a firearm is used in a crime.

3. Ban sales of long guns (S 1712/A1275)—bans the private transfer of rifles.

4. Child-proof guns (S 5228/A1326)—bans sales of firearms without child-proofing.

5. Limits on ammunition (S 2379/A2881)—restricts certain commonly used ammunition.

6. Gun bans (A2910/A2885)—allows police to ban possession of any firearm they deem “unsafe”.

7&8. Bullet stamping (S2953/A3200 and S6005/A6468B)—requires serial numbers on all bullets, and “microstamping technology” for all semi-automatic handguns.

9. Ban affordable handguns typically used for self-defense. (A3346)

10. Prohibit gun shows on public property. (A2884)

11. Expand the failed ballistic imaging program—proven virtually useless in fighting crime—to all firearms. (S1188/A3477)

12. Requires so-called “smart gun” technology on all firearms made or sold in the state. (S4338/A4441)

13. Safe storage (S3098/A5844)—creates several new crimes for failing to use gun locks and store firearms unloaded, and in locked cases.

14. “Assault weapons” (S4084/A6157/A6294)—dramatically expands the state’s list of unlawful firearms to include any that can accept detachable magazines.

15. Bore diameter (S4752)—sets a maximum bore diameter for legal firearms.

16. Possession by minors (A10069)—creates two new felony crimes for teens who possess or use firearms without a hunting license.