Democrats’ Disastrous Budget Continues to Pile on More Taxes and Fees

William J. Larkin, Jr.

August 06, 2009

Drivers Licenses & Registrations to Increase 25% on September 1st

 Every New Yorker that drives a car, a truck, a motorcycle, an ATV, or a boat will be paying more as the latest round of massive tax and fee hikes approved by Assembly and Senate Democrats in Albany takes effect next month.  This time their target is motor vehicle fees, most of which will go up 25 percent for virtually every type of vehicle New Yorkers use every day.

 If you drive a car you will pay more to get or renew your license and register the vehicle.  If you own a boat, an ATV or other vehicle, it will cost you more not only to register them, but to transport them as well, as fees on trailers will go up.

 “The motor vehicle fee hikes will hit Upstate New Yorkers and suburbanites the hardest because cars are not a luxury, they are an everyday necessity,” Senator Larkin said.  “People depend on them to get to work, go to school, shop and get around their communities. The Democrats in the Assembly and Senate who approved these tax increases either don’t understand that or just don’t care. I however, do, which is why I voted against every one of these tax and fee increases. New Yorkers clearly have had enough.”
 “I voted against the state budget and proposed an alternative plan that would have avoided the tax and fees increases.  I also proposed amendments to the budget to eliminate the tax and fee hikes and restore the STAR property tax rebate checks that were eliminated in the budget.  The budget amendments to correct these matters were opposed by Senate Democrats.”

 “Every month brings a new round of tax and fee hikes that Democrats in the Senate and Assembly forced on New Yorkers in the state budget,” Senator Larkin said.  “This month it’s motor vehicle fees, next it will be hunting and fishing licenses, earlier this year it was higher taxes for wine and beer, internet purchases and car insurance.  And the biggest hit will come this fall when homeowners don’t get their STAR rebates checks to help pay their property taxes because the Democrats took them away.”

 Registration fees are scheduled to increase September 1, 2009 for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, trailers, taxis, busses, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, construction vehicles, motorboats and custom vehicles. Drivers licenses and registration fees will go up by 25 percent, creating an additional cost to New York drivers projected to be almost $152 million over the next two years.  The cost of a drivers license will also increase 25 percent starting September 1st.

 The motor vehicle fee increases were included in the more than $8.5 billion in tax and fee hikes approved by Governor Paterson and Democrats in the Senate and Assembly as part of the 2009-10 state budget that is already $2.1 billion out of balance.

 “The Democrats are already talking about more possible tax hikes to close a $2.1 billion deficit caused by their irresponsible $13 billion budget spending increase,” Senator Larkin said.  “I did not support the tax and fee increases in the budget and I will not support more tax hikes to close the budget gap.  We have to reduce taxes and get state spending under control.”

On September 1, 2009, the following motor vehicle registration fees will be increased:

> Passenger vehicle registration fees increase from $44 to $55 (two year average depending on vehicle);
> Commercial vehicle registration fees increase from $1.21 (per 500 lbs of vehicle weight) up to $1.51 at the low end of the range and increase from $11.50 to $14.38 (per 500 lbs) at the high end;
> Trailer registration fees will increase from an average of $34 to $42.50;
> Taxi registration fees, on average, will increase from $48 to $60;
> Average bus registration fees will increase from $73 to $91.25;
> Motorcycle registration increases from $14 to $17.50;
> All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) registration increase from $10 to $12.50; and
> Average motorboat registrations will rise from $40 to $50;

 In addition, fees will be increased to re-register vehicles, register custom vehicles and make photocopies of motor vehicle documents.

 Also, starting on April 1, 2010, New Yorkers obtaining or renewing their vehicle registration will be required to purchase brand new license plates, whether they need them or not, for $25 - a $10 increase.