Helping Students Displaced By Hurricane Katrina

William J. Larkin, Jr.

September 16, 2005

Senator Bill Larkin is helping to promote another resource in the nation's continuing efforts to assist the victims of Hurricane Katrina. "Hurricane Help for Schools," is a new Web page aimed at getting additional supplies to schools serving students displaced by the hurricane.

"On top of the trauma of losing so much after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, so many young people are also missing the start of the new school year," said Senator Larkin. "But in typical American fashion, school districts from around the entire nation have generously offered to take in these children who have had to leave their homes and their local schools. This new website, created in just days, will enable people to help these displaced students who will need books, clothes and other supplies."

"Hurricane Help for Schools" can be accessed through the Department of Education's website -- -- and will serve as a clearinghouse of resources for individuals, schools, companies and organizations that want to help the students restore some type of normalcy to their lives.

The schools that are taking students in will be able to post their contact information on the web page and the supplies they need for those students. Companies and organizations will be able to contact the schools directly, or they can go to the web page and post what supplies and resources they can offer.

In addition, contributions to the victims of Hurricane Katrina can be made to: American Red Cross -- 1-800-435-7669; Catholic Charities -- 1-800-919-9338; Operation Blessing -- 1-800-436-6348; Americas Second Harvest -- 1-800-344-8070.