An Important Message on Domestic Violence: "NO MORE!"

Since 1987, our nation has observed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  This year, a number of celebrities, athletes, corporate leaders, and concerned advocates have joined forces in the battle against domestic violence with a dramatic new series of public service announcements that feature the NO MORE symbol, the first unified branding symbol (like the pink breast cancer ribbon) related to this important issue.

Along with raising public awareness, I wanted to let you know what I'm doing here in New York to help protect women and families, and to ensure that domestic violence offenders are appropriately punished for their crimes.  

Last year, a landmark law was enacted to provide important new protections to the victims of this terrible crime, while also establishing stronger criminal penalties for those who commit domestic violence.  In an effort to build upon this new statute, this year I voted to approve an historic nine-point Women’s Equality plan that would strengthen orders of protection, and prevent housing discrimination against domestic violence victims.  Now that the Senate has taken action on these bills, I'm leading the effort to get the State Assembly to take action as well.  

By toughening our laws -- and continuing to increase public awareness -- we will better protect victims of domestic violence, while also bringing perpetrators of this terrible crime to justice.