Larkin Announces Grants For Hudson Valley Recreation, Preservation And Waterfront Projects

William J. Larkin, Jr.

August 16, 2005

Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson) today announced the awarding of several important grants for recreation, waterfront revitalization and preservation projects in the 39th Senate District. The awards will assist communities in their efforts to redevelop their waterfront areas, create new outdoor recreational opportunities and protect local landmarks.

"We are fortunate that we live in an area of New York State that offers a wide variety of natural beauty, recreation, and historic culture," said Senator Larkin. These EPF grants will help develop our waterfronts and continue the vision we have for the Hudson Valley. They are an important investment that will protect our natural resources and improve our overall quality of life."

The following is a list of the grants awarded:

Orange County

City of Newburgh

The city will continue its plan for its Hudson River waterfront to address rapid waterfront redevelopment. The work will focus on identifying open space and access opportunities; mitigating environmental contamination; planning for redevelopment, parking, transportation, harbor management, marketing and promotion.

Trestle, Inc.

Under the sponsorship of the City of Newburgh, Trestle Inc. will restore railroad walls along the Hudson River waterfront between Third and Fourth Streets, across from Unico Park, which are marred by graffiti. The project will include cleaning the wall surface, patching and repair, restoration of an interior pedestrian walkway, and painting a mural on the exterior trestle walls.

City of Newburgh

Newburgh's National Historic Landmark, A.J. Davis Dutch Reformed Church, has stood for 169 years and requires stabilization. The City proposes to replace the aging roof system. Once the work is complete, the 1835 Church will serve as public cultural space, an anchor of arts and heritage in Newburgh's East End Historic District.

Town of Goshen/Village of Goshen

The Town and Village of Goshen will acquire the 50-acre Salesian property, protecting open space and providing recreational opportunities for residents. Previously slated for development, this property stands at the gateway to the Village, and is the last large tract of undeveloped land in the municipality. Future development plans include relocating the pubic library to the site and trail development.

Ulster County

City of Kingston

The City will implement additional elements of its plan, including wastewater treatment plant facade design, sidewalk construction for East Strand pedestrian access, additional East Strand streetscape improvements, expansion of parking areas, development of wayfinding signage for the waterfront, a ferry feasibility study, and completion of wastewater tank covers.

City of Kingston

The City and Scenic Hudson will develop a set of guidelines and standards for appropriate waterfront development on the Hudson River. The work will build upon Scenic Hudson's Principles of Sound Waterfront Development, and will include an analysis of principles, targeted advisory group review, report and multimedia production, and training of municipal officials.

Rural Urban Preservation Company

The Kirkland Hotel, an example of a turn of the century Tudor revival treasure, is located at the gateway to the 1658 Stockade Historic District in the City of Kingston where it sits vacant and is at imminent risk of being demolished. Funding of this project will restore its once prominent exterior to original grandeur.