Larkin Goes After Auto Insurance Scammers

William J. Larkin, Jr.

April 11, 2006

Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson) has introduced legislation (S.7225) in the State Senate that would increase the criminal penalties for anyone who forges or possesses a forged motor vehicle certificate of insurance or insurance identification card.

"Auto insurance fraud is a serious problem in New York State," said Senator Larkin. "Law abiding consumers are literally paying millions of dollars more on their premiums than they should because of the illegal activities of others. The purpose of this legislation is to reduce insurance fraud, protect the honest driver, and catch and punish those individuals who would try to scam the system."

Larkin also said that since certificates of insurance and insurance identification cards are issued by insurance companies and not by a governmental agency, the punishment for forging such documents is minimal. His bill would increase the criminal penalty for this offense to a Class E felony.