Larkin Welcomes Sportsmen and Women to Albany

Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson) joined sportsmen and women from around the state at the inaugural Sportsmen and Outdoor Recreation Legislative Awareness Day in Albany on Wednesday, January 12th. The event was organized to highlight the large impact hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreation contribute to New York's economy. It is estimated that over $1 billion is spent in New York in pursuit of these activities.


The event was also a chance for gun owners to voice their opposition to any legislation that would infringe on legal gun owners and their right to bear arms. "We need to ensure that law-abiding citizens do not lose their right to own firearms," said Senator Larkin. "This is a basic right and one that we must fight to ensure is not weakened or revoked in any way. The sportsmen and women who legally purchase, own, and register their firearms are not the people we need to worry about. It is those individuals who illegally obtain guns and use them in the commission of crime," said Larkin. "It's the criminals that must be held accountable."