Legislative News from Senator Bill Larkin

Below are legislative actions taken by the State Senate recently to protect our families:

Nothing fake about the dangers of synthetic marijuana: Believed harmless by many, ‘fake pot’ is a dangerous substance whose growing use is spreading through our communities. Herbs sprayed with toxic chemicals, these over-the-counter drugs have been responsible for a number of violent acts and can have devastating effects on a user’s health. To protect our families the Senate has passed S.6694, a bill that prohibits the sale and possession of these hazardous substances. With side-effects as bad or worse than a number of illegal drugs, it’s time that synthetic marijuana is removed from our stores.

Preventing Repeat Drunk Drivers: We have seen a lot of success in recent years cracking down on driving under the influence. Senate bill S.4740C is an important step in continuing that progress. The bill requires certain drivers convicted of drunk driving to take a motor vehicle accident prevention course. It’s a great step to ensure offenders not only receive the appropriate penalties, but also the knowledge to prevent future violations and help keep our roadways safe.

Protecting our children: There may be no greater tragedy than crimes committed against our young. To protect our youths and punish those who would harm them, the Senate passed a series of  8 pieces of legislation. The bills range from increasing public awareness to  increasing the penalties for the convicted. Each bill is an important step to safeguard our children, inform our families and keep our neighborhoods safe. 

All of the above bills have been passed by the Senate and have been sent to the Assembly