News From the Senate by Senator Bill Larkin

As this year’s legislative session comes to a close, the NYS Senate is hard at work ensuring the passage of important legislation such as the following:

‘I-STOP’ to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse: The abuse of legal, prescription drugs is escalating and reaching epidemic proportions. To combat this growing problem, the Senate has passed bill S7637 to create ‘I-STOP’. The ‘I-STOP’ program prevents overdoses and saves lives with the creation of a real-time tracking system that provides physicians with more, up-to-date information. In addition to the ground breaking ‘I-STOP, the bill also provides for safe disposal and awareness programs. These safety measures are vital, as according to the CDC, prescription drug abuse is the nation’s fastest growing drug problem. With this legislation however, New York can be at the forefront of fighting back to save lives and prevent tragedies.

Improving Pet Safety and Health:  Pet stores and so-called ‘puppy mills’ for too long have been allowed to operate with little oversight, allowing animals and families to suffer unduly. Senate bill S7268A puts in place common sense, humane expectations to help make sure the abuse of our four-legged friends doesn’t continue. The bill ensures, among other things, that licensed pet dealers provide veterinarian care, exercise and disease control to the animals in their care.

Ending Intrusive Telemarketing:  No one likes being harassed by unwanted phone calls from telemarketers. To protect New Yorkers from these intrusive calls, the Senate passed bill S7567A. The bill regulates all telemarketers doing business in New York and adds new consumer protections to ensure that New Yorkers are protected from these harassing business practices.

The above bills have been passed by the Senate and the Assembly and will soon be sent to the Governor for his consideration.