Senator Larkin Announces Local Epf Grants

William J. Larkin, Jr.

September 06, 2006

This week, Senator Bill Larkin reports to residents that Orange County was one of only three counties in the state to receive several Environmental Protection Fund (EPF) grants in this most recent round of funding. The grants will support open space

acquisitions, park improvements, preservation, and waterfront revitalization projects.

"We in the Hudson Valley are proud to brag about some of the most beautiful parks and historic landmarks in the State," said Senator Larkin. "This is a vibrant region for commerce and recreation, much of which is centered around our area’s incredible natural resources. These projects supported by the state’s Environmental Protection Fund, are a great investment for long-term economic, environmental, and cultural benefits. They will ensure that residents and visitors will be able to enjoy what the Hudson Valley has to offer for generations to come."

The Friends of the State Historic Sites of the Hudson Highlands, Tower of

Victory, was awarded $350,000. The grant for the Tower of Victory project will help prevent further deterioration of the 1887 tower, a major feature of the Washington Headquarters State Historic Site National Landmark property. The work will include repairs for correction of serious problems that resulted when a hurricane-damaged clay-tile hipped roof was removed in 1953, including restoration of the existing masonry tower structure, public bronze staircases, observation deck platform, and reconstruction of the roof structure.

The City of Newburgh has been awarded $216,250 to upgrade park areas within the City. Recognizing that recreational facilities are scarce in some sections, the City will initiate a comprehensive plan to upgrade two neighborhood park locations in its east end -- Audrey Carey and Gidney Avenue Parks. Project plans will focus on play areas, landscaping, and rehabilitating basketball courts.

The Village of Highland Falls was awarded $350,000 for the purchase of the Rundell Property, also known as the Highland Falls Marina. It is a l.2-acre site with 500 feet of Hudson River frontage. The Village will then protect the property as parkland and open space and use it for boating and picnicking.