Senator Larkin Cosponsors Legislation To Repeal Utility Tax Increase

Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson) cosponsored legislation that would repeal a new tax on utilities included in the 2009-10 state budget.

Senate Bill 6132 would repeal a new law that went into effect July 1st requiring individuals and businesses to pay a 2% New York State Mandated tax for gas and electric utilities. The money from this tax will be sent directly to the state's general fund.

"This new tax was part of the $8.5 billion in taxes and fees pushed through by three New York City Democrats in this year's state budget," said Senator Larkin. "While I can't speak for every New Yorker, I can tell you that the residents and businesses in my district are fed up with all of the new or increased taxes and fees they're now paying as a result of this year's disastrous state budget."

"I'm calling on my fellow legislators to help pass this bill and provide overburdened New Yorkers with some much needed tax relief."

Released on:  September 22, 2009