Senator Larkin To Tour Local Wineries; Hudson Valley Fruit Lab

William J. Larkin, Jr.

October 20, 2006

On Friday, October 13, 2006, Senator Bill Larkin will tour the Hudson Valley Fruit Lab in Highland. The Senator will inspect the facility, meet with scientists, and observe the advanced research program being conducted at the lab.

In addition, Senator Larkin will tour Fino Farms in the Town of Milton, a farm specializing in apple and grape growing. He will then visit Stout Ridge Winery, a new $3 million dollar winery that is opening in the Town of Marlboro.

Senator Larkin will also be attending a symposium on ways to encourage grape growing and wine production in the Hudson Valley. The symposium will feature representatives from the New York State Cornell University, and local vintners from Stout Ridge Vinyard, Glory Farm Winery and Vineyard, Whitecliff Vineyard, Brotherhood Winery, Benmarl Vineyard and Winery, and Clinton Vinyards.

"The wine industry is one of our state's most premier businesses," said Senator Larkin. "We have the perfect conditions in the Hudson Valley to develop this industry and at the same time, help local producers and increase the visibility and sale of New York wines. This symposium, along with the state of the art research being conducted at the Hudson Valley Fruit Lab, will lead to more opportunities for New York State to promote its wine industry and local economy."

Senator Larkin is responsible for securing a state grant in this year’s state budget in the amount of $85,000 for the Hudson Valley Fruit Lab.

New York State is the third largest producer of grapes in the nation. The wine and grape industry generates over $500 million in gross annual sales, which produces upwards of $85 million in State and local revenues. In the year 2000, 2.7 million people visited New York wineries.