Senators Larkin, Bonacic, Saland, & Leibell Seek Answers From The State Thruway Authority Regarding I-84

William J. Larkin, Jr.

November 02, 2006

State Senators Bill Larkin, John J. Bonacic, Stephen M. Saland, and Vincent L. Leibell have joined forces in reaction to a recent decision by the New York State Thruway Authority to transfer the maintenance of Interstate 84 to the NYS Department of Transportation.

In a joint letter to the Executive Director of the New York State Thruway Authority, the senators raised specific concerns about the safety and upkeep of I-84 and particularly the way in which the transfer of maintenance responsibilities will be coordinated. The senators asked for further clarification and are now awaiting answers from the Thruway Authority.

"The current construction projects and the two new major airlines that will soon be operating out of Stewart Airport will certainly increase traffic levels on I-84," said Senator Larkin. "As the area continues to grow, we want to make sure that the maintenance of I-84, particularly when it concerns snow removal, mowing and line painting, continue to be performed to the same standards that our residents deserve."

Senator John J. Bonacic said, "Taxpayers in the Hudson Valley are entitled to a quality transportation network. The Thruway Authority has demonstrated it is capable of maintaining I-84. Given our region's growth and the increased traffic that comes with it, it makes no sense to transfer the management of I-84."

"While the construction improvements taking place along Interstate 84 will, in the long term, improve mobility, provide more reliable service, and add convenience for those who use our highways, it is critical that the maintenance and operation agreements of this busy corridor not be compromised," said Senator Saland. "Motorists are at a much higher risk if road conditions are unsafe, so it is critical that any administrative changes made to this important Hudson Valley corridor maintain the future safety and efficiency of the traveling public."

Senator Vincent L. Leibell said, "Interstate-84 is an extremely critical highway for the Hudson Valley. It is imperative that it be maintained to the highest quality standards and always be kept safe and available for all the citizens who use it on a daily basis. New York State can never allow the maintenance of this important highway to ever be neglected."