Statement by Senator Bill Larkin Regarding the Assembly’s Failure to Pass Ulster County Sales Tax Legislation

Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson) today called on the New York State Assembly to commit to placing legislation to extend Ulster County’s sales tax on any future agenda should they be called back into session by the Governor.  The Assembly left town on Friday without taking up the measure.

“I am outraged that Ulster County’s finances have been thrown into chaos by the Assembly’s inaction,” said Senator Larkin.  “This bill was a straight extender and did not increase current taxes or create any new taxes.  The County had provided a home rule message in support of the bill and still the Assembly failed to act.  This failure directly impacts the taxpayers of Ulster County who will now have to absorb the $22 million in lost revenue resulting from this legislation not being acted upon,” said Larkin.  “The harsh reality is that key services will have to be reduced or eliminated because of the Assembly’s failure.  It is not fair to hard-working taxpayers who will have to come up with the $22 million in lost revenue by paying higher taxes or living with cuts to important programs resulting in reduced services for road patrols, mental health services, and possible reductions to community college services,” said Larkin.  “It is very upsetting to see petty, party politics interfering with the needs of taxpayers and I urge the Assembly to publically commit to taking action in the future.”