West Point Legislation Passes Senate

Bill Will Cede Certain Land To The Federal Government

Senator Bill Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson), announced today that Senate bill S6830A passed the Senate.  This legislation will cede to the federal government full concurrent jurisdiction in and over certain lands of the West Point Military Reservation in Highlands, Orange County.

Senator Larkin said:  “This legislation will allow West Point to provide improved security to these areas and ensure any emergencies that may occur are properly attended to.  Currently, West Point is not able to provide law enforcement coverage to these areas and the burden falls to the Town of Highlands and New York State.  This bill will allow for the safety and security of the West Point Military Reservation, its service members, their families and its employees.”

The land in question encompasses the tracts of land comprising the Stony Lonesome and range areas outside the Stony Lonesome and Thayer gates.

The legislation passed the Senate unanimously and has been sent to the Assembly for action.