Senator William Stachowski and Assemblyman Mark Schroeder Introduce “Buy American” State Legislation

William T. Stachowski

May 01, 2009


4/15/09       Press Contact: Bob Koshinski

Senator William Stachowski and Assemblyman Mark Schroeder Introduce “Buy American” State Legislation

New York State Senator William Stachowski (D 58th) and State Assemblyman Mark Schroeder announced today that they have introduced legislation in the Senate and Assembly respectively to insure that federal stimulus funds be used on American made products and services. The announcement was made at the United Steel Workers headquarters at 305 Cayuga Drive in Cheektowaga New York.

Senator William Stachowski introduced Bill #S4085 in the Senate which would make it mandatory for funds secured through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) to be used to purchase American made goods like steel and iron whenever possible and within existing and listed limitations.

“If these federal funds are intended to create jobs and stimulate the U.S economy then they must be used to purchase products made right here in America and hopefully New York State,” said Senator Stachowski. “We understand that pricing and availability could affect the purchase of American iron, steel and other products. However, we have laid out guidelines to make the purchase of these goods preferred and required whenever possible,” added Senator Stachowski. 

"It is crucial that these stimulus funds be used for American products made by American workers," said Assemblyman Schroeder.  "These funds are meant to be used to stimulate our economy - not fill the coffers of some foreign factory.  If we are going to help the American economy, we have to invest in the American economy."

“The Buy America provision in the economic recovery package does not break any existing U.S. trade obligations. It will not ignite a trade war. It will not raise the cost of infrastructure projects. What it does is what countries like France and China have already done – ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to buy goods produced in our country and create jobs at home in New York State,” said Frank Palombaro, District 4 Rapid Response Coordinator of the United Steel Workers.
“This type of legislation only makes sense,” said Stachowski. “Hopefully everyone will be able to follow the “Buy American” guidelines and protect those whose jobs are on the line right here in our own backyard.
The entire New York Senate bill can be found on the legislation page on