Sen. Myrie Reacts to US District Court Ruling on Gun Liability Law

Zellnor Myrie

May 25, 2022

ALBANY— Senator Zellnor Y. Myrie (D-Central Brooklyn) released the following statement following the court’s motion to dismiss lawsuit against Attorney General Letitia James, allowing her office to enforce the Myrie-sponsored gun manufacturer liability legislation:

"These have been a dark two weeks. Black people slain while shopping in Buffalo, a commuter shot dead on the train I take every week in Brooklyn, and children mercilessly massacred in Texas. We've needed some good news in the fight to end gun violence and the court's decision today is just that," said Senator Myrie. "We passed this first-in-the-nation law for one reason: to protect New Yorkers from gun violence and hold bad actors in the gun industry who help facilitate that violence accountable. I am glad to see that the Court agreed with us and commend our Attorney General for vigorously defending the constitutionality of the law and her ability to hold these bad actors accountable. The gun industry has put their profits over our lives for too long. New Yorkers are tired of bending to their will, and the Court's decision today is another step in the direction of justice for all who have been impacted by gun violence."

"I hope every state in the nation is paying attention -- federal inaction is not an excuse. This is your moment to step up. Together, with Assemblymember Fahy, impacted families, community leaders, and incredible advocates like New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, Giffords, Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady, and many more, we stood up the gun industry and won. I hope today’s ruling inspires every American to do the same.”

Senator Myrie’s legislation was signed into law in July 2021, making New York the first state to enforce gun manufacturer accountability. The law would allow for civil suits to proceed against those who irresponsibly sell, manufacture, import, or market firearms.