Statement From Senator Myrie and Assemblymember Fahy On Gun Lobby Lawsuit

Zellnor Myrie

December 16, 2021

State Senator Zellnor Y. Myrie (D-Central Brooklyn) and Assembly Member Patricia Fahy (D-Albany) today released the following statement in response to the gun lobby's attempt to block New York's landmark gun industry liability law:

"By trying to block New York's landmark gun industry liability law before it's even been enforced, gun companies are telling us they have no interest whatsoever in responsible marketplace behavior. Instead of looking at how to make their products safer and less easily-trafficked, they're running scared because they know their business model depends on flooding our streets with illegal weapons.

"This week saw a Brooklyn bodega worker shot and killed during an attempted robbery, and a teenager in Albany charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon after a November shooting at a fast-food restaurant. Gun violence isĀ up in cities across the nation, and we just observed the anniversary of the deadliest public school shooting in American history.

"Now would seem like a great time for introspection instead of panicked lawsuits to defend reckless behavior. We have every confidence in Attorney General Tish James' ability to defend New York's laws and keep our communities safe."