Statement From Senator Myrie on Voting Rights Legislation

Zellnor Myrie

January 20, 2022

State Senator Zellnor Y. Myrie (D-Central Brooklyn), chair of the Senate Elections Committee, issued the following statement on voting rights legislation:

"Last night, certain feckless members of the US Senate blocked voting rights legislation that would have protected voters from an avalanche of restrictive state laws aimed at reducing participation and silencing peoples' voices. This failure is an insult to all Americans, especially to Black and Brown voters who are most often targeted by discriminatory and racist state laws.

"States must now urgently move to protect and expand voting rights, and New York can lead the way. My bill, the John R. Lewis New York State Voting Rights Act, would enact the strongest voter protections in the country.

"Voting rights and democracy are under attack in statehouses across the country and in Washington, DC. I'm grateful Governor Hochul has signaled her support for our legislation, and I urge my colleagues to stand up for voters by advancing the New York VRA this year."