Senator Stewart-Cousins Remarks on Black History Month Resolution

February 10, 2017

Albany, NY - In celebration of Black History Month, Senator Stewart-Cousins sponsored a resolution to which she talked about on February 7th. She lauded in her remarks her predecessors, colleagues, and all the unsung heroes that are part of Black History. As the daughter of a World War II veteran, the Senator displayed appreciation for her opportunity to be not only the first woman, but also first African-American woman to lead a Conference in the Senate. Recounting the history of slavery and the civil rights movement Senator Stewart-Cousins emphasized the need to understand Black history as being American history. As the country moves forward, the Senator encourages all citizens to show appreciation for the struggles and triumphs of their predecessors by exercising their democratic obligations: voting, marching, demanding action by their leaders, and participating in the democratic process. In closing, Senator Stewart-Cousins urges all to look at Black history as a blueprint for dissent, progress, and freedom.