New York Senate News Conference - Power for Jobs

July 02, 2009

July 2, 2009

Hon. Dale Volker, Hon. George Maziarz, Hon. Mike Ranzenhofer, Hon. Catherine Young

Dear Colleagues,

As Senators representing Western New York, we share a special understanding of the history and necessity of the Power for Jobs program.

Power generated in Western New York is used to subsidize companies in our region and throughout the rest of the state. Many local manufacturers and entrepreneurs depend on the Power for Jobs program, and are able to provide good-paying jobs for our neighbors. Therefore, we believe that all of our regional Senators should be in agreement – extending the Power for Jobs program is among our highest legislative priorities.

As Senators we also understand a quorum of a majority of members elected is needed to pass legislation, and that a member’s presence in the Senate Chamber, regardless of intent, is sufficient to constitute attendance. The facts and the record of the proceedings in the New York State Senate on Tuesday, June 30, 2009 are not in dispute:

• A majority of senators appeared in Senate chambers

• A vote was taken to extend the Power for Jobs program

• The extender, already approved in the Assembly, passed with 32 affirmative votes

• The bill jacket was signed, and the bill has been sent to the Assembly

We understand this may be difficult for you to do, but as Senators from Western New York we ask you to set aside your political and party interests, and instead put the interests of our friends, neighbors, retirees, and working families first.

Governor Paterson has cited objections from the Espada Republican conference as an excuse for not signing the Power for Jobs extension. We are asking you to call Governor Paterson and ask him to sign the extension of this critical program to keep our regional economy moving.


 Sen. William Stachowski Sen. Antoine M. Thompson

cc: Hon. David A. Paterson, Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo, Chairman Richard Kessel, all WNY Assembly members



Borg-Warner – 5,500 jobs in Cortland and Ithaca

Corning, Inc. – 4,400 jobs in Corning, Big Flats, Canton and Oneonta

IBM – 1,150 jobs in Rochester, 4,570 jobs Statewide

Bank of New York – 500 jobs in Oriskany, 5,200 jobs Statewide

Bristol-Myers Squibb – 5,000 jobs in East Syracuse

Finch Paper – 5,000 jobs in Glens Falls

Ford Motor – 5,000 jobs in Buffalo

OAB Holdings – 5,000 jobs in Buffalo

SABIC Innovative Plastics (formerly GE) – 5,000 jobs in Selkirk

Albany International Corp. – 1,750 jobs in Homer and Albany