Senator Perkins Advocates For Pioneering Small, Local Businesses On 125th Street

April 16, 2014

During the debate concerning the FY 2014-15 New York State Budget, Senator Perkins took to the floor to tell the story of several longstanding local businesses on 125th Street who are being displaced from the very soil that they enriched and cultivated through years of hard work. 

His remarks read, in part:

"This plan that inflicts detrimental and irreversible harm on these small business owners and the community was pushed through with no formal notice to the business owners and rubberstamped with little to no consideration for community input and participation which included substantial negative commentary on the project due in large part to the unceremonious ouster of the four small business owners tenants who are like family.

Adding insult to injury, ESDC and NYC EDC made no real effort to compensate or accommodate the business owners.  Instead opting to offer them loans and de minimis relocation and advertising services that fall woefully short of what would be needed to make these successful small business owners whole in the face of the loss of their current commercial space in a community where they are well known and respected.”

Senator Perkins has been advocating for these pioneering business owners to be accepted as project partners by the developers, including the National Urban League, so that they can continue to serve the community that they love.  The fight continues on behalf of these beloved community cornerstones.