April 12, 2011

             With the budget now complete, Senator Jim Alesi (R-C-I – Perinton) joins Governor Cuomo and his colleagues in the New York State Senate to pressure the Assembly to prioritize the passage of property-tax cap legislation.  Earlier this year, Senator Alesi voted in favor of S.2706, which would place a cap on the growth of local government and school district property taxes at two percent (2%), or the annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), whichever is less.  If passed by the Assembly, New York State will become the 44th state to cap local property taxes.

            “The high cost of living, from food to gasoline to property taxes, is taking its toll on hardworking, overburdened taxpayers,” said Senator Alesi.  “The time for action is now.  All New Yorkers, from young families to retired seniors, business owners to laborers, must have faith that we hear their concerns about cutting taxes and reducing government spending.  The Senate partnered with Governor Cuomo in January to pass a property-tax cap the residents in this state desperately want, and we must have the Democrat-controlled Assembly follow suit.  They represent the same people that I represent; tax payers and homeowners who need real relief.”


The proposal put forth by Governor Cuomo, and passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support in the Senate, is supported by business organizations across the state.  As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Economic Development, and Small Business, as well as a former small business owner himself, Senator Alesi knows firsthand the negative impact rising taxes have on creating and retaining jobs.


“Thousands of families have left New York in recent years, and businesses and jobs have moved to other states to avoid the high property taxes that stifle economic growth and discourage job creation,” continued Senator Alesi.  “We cannot allow this to continue – the Assembly must enact a property-tax cap this session to turn our economy around and give New Yorkers hope that we are headed in a positive direction.”


            In an effort to convince the Assembly of the urgency of passing property-tax cap legislation, Senator Alesi has a petition available on his web site – – where residents can register their support, and submit a message, that the Assembly needs to pass the property-tax cap legislation.  Taxpayers can also access the petition at The petition encourages residents to sign on to “help us send a loud and clear message to the Assembly that homeowners in our community want a cap on property taxes, and they want it now!”