Griffo Congratulates the Mohawk Valley-New York State Women’s 3-on-3 Basketball Team Upon the Occasion of Winning A Bronze Medal at the National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio

March 26, 2014

Thank you, Mr. President.

It is really a pleasure for me today to be able to host an outstanding group of ladies who I had the opportunity to meet earlier today.

It is March Madness. And the brackets are out there. Perhaps, Senator DeFrancisco, if some of these ladies were on the court with Coach Boeheim, we would have had a better result.

I think this is very important because these individuals come from a variety of career paths. They are really fascinating talent, phenomenal personalities and they have some extraordinary stories.

What they have participated in is called the National Senior Games. We here still in the state of New York still have the Empire Senior Games. These fine ladies – I call them young ladies. Because even though they’ve qualified for the Senior Games are really extraordinary, talented individuals – athletically, and in many other ways in which they’ve contributed to their community.

They hail from a variety of locations across my district, and Senator Valesky and Senator Seward’s. They come from a variety of professions. They are involved in inter-scholastic and collegiate coaching, athletic directors, in the health care industry. All of them continually working hard to make our community a better place.

I think that they have motivated young people through their leadership that they have inspired by their example. And they are truly role models in service to – not only the sports where they have competed, but in other contributions and services throughout our region and our community.

The National Senior Games really has the objective of promoting a healthy and active lifestyles for adults – through education, through fitness, through sports. So it’s a great opportunity really to show young people and really be an example to all of us of a healthy lifestyle – staying active regardless of how we age and where we are in life. We can all still continue to do what is right for ourselves and, as a result, we can be a great role model for children and others in our community.

They won the bronze medal in the National Games in Cleveland. They’re wearing their bronze medals. I know we have a lot of Olympians here. They may be good in your corner, too, Senator DeFrancisco. Because he’s going to be in an exhibition very shortly.

You always talk about athletic prowess. And we have that in the room today. So I want to welcome Andrea Dziekan. I want to welcome Karen Poole. I want to welcome Linda Ptak. I want to welcome Crystal Bass and Meg Cullinan, who are with us today. If all of you could please stand, congratulations on an outstanding accomplishment in winning the national bronze medal in the 3-on-3 basketball games held in Cleveland. We’re all so proud of what you did here in New York state at the Empire Senior Games. And most importantly, we thank you for being such great role models for our community and for the young people that surround you on a regular basis. So congratulations and thank you.