Expenditure Report Period Ending 9-30-2014

April 01, 2014 to September 30, 2014

Expenditure Report

An accounting detailing total salary payments for senators and staff and every payment for travel, services and other general expenses for a 6 (six) month period. The full report is a five (5) section document consisting of a Cover, Letter from the Secretary, Table of Contents, Introduction and the Report. The report is issued by the Secretary of the Senate and is available as both a .csv file and it's original PDF format for download at the bottom of the page.

The Report includes fields for the referenced office, expense type, payee (employee or vendor), payee beginning and end date with the Senate (in the event of a Vendor, the check date is the end date), title/description of service, paytype (see below), amount paid (for employees displays the amount paid over six (6) month period), note and Expenditure Report beginning and end date.

Expense Type Note: The expense type "Allocated Operational Expenses" shows the cost of any postage, Albany-based long distance telephone calls, and supplies by each office. It is important to note that these costs are allocated back to each office after-the-fact based on what was used by that office. (Post Office for postage, Telecommunications for long distance telephone charges, and Senate Supply for supplies). The costs shown under "Allocated Operational Expenses" are for informational purposes only.

Payroll Types:

Regular Annual (RA) - All employees who are appointed to work at least 1820 hours during a calendar year (including holidays and approved leave time) and who are anticipated to be on the payroll year round will be assigned to this payroll. (This is equivalent to a work week of 35 hours.) In addition, anyone commencing work after the first weekday in January will be assigned to this payroll if they have been appointed to work a minimum number of hours which, if prorated and projected for an entire year, would equal 1820 hours and they are anticipated to work 1820 hours in the next full calendar year.

Special Annual (SA) - Employees may be assigned to this payroll if they: are appointed to work less than 1820 hours for a full calendar year; OR are appointed for less than a full calendar year.

Temporary (TE: Hourly Rate) - Employees who work a very irregular schedule and who are paid an hourly wage will be assigned to this payroll.

Vendor - For the organizational simplicity of the Expenditure Report spreadsheet, Vendor payments have been placed in the "PayType" column. These payments are to contracted third parties. Their rates are negotiated on a per contract basis.

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