Sign the Petition: Say NO to Your Tax Dollars Funding Political Campaigns

SEN. John J. Flanagan

November 13, 2019

The New York State Public Campaign Financing Commission has started to meet and is required to issue its final recommendations on December 1st.  The commission was created as part of the disastrous 2019 Budget and one of its major objectives is to determine the future of publicly financing elections in New York State.  The budget also allocated $100 million for the potential public financing system across New York State.  I strongly opposed this spending and voted No.

There is a money problem in politics but spending nearly $100 million of taxpayer money on elections will do nothing to fix it.  It is comical to think that spending $100 million of taxpayer money on elections will “take the money out of politics.”  Supporters say that spending taxpayer money on elections will help fight corruption.  However, New York City already has a public financing system in place and it has done little to curb corruption or build public trust.

The Commission is due to make its recommendations on December 1st and it is not too late to have your voice heard.

To tell the commission that you do not support spending $100 million on political campaigns, please sign my petition now!

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