Join Senator Mattera To Stop The Ban!

SEN. Mario R. Mattera

January 12, 2023

Dear Friend:

In her recent State of the State address, Governor Kathy Hochul doubled down on ideas that were rejected through the efforts of local leaders and industry experts during last year’s budget discussions.  Specifically, she is once again calling for an all-too-fast ban on all mixed-use fuels for both heating and cooking in homes while neglecting the impact that forcing all electric will have on our residents.

As the ranking Republican on the New York State Senate's Energy Committee, I know all too well that banning natural gas and other sources so quickly will overburden our electric grid, harm our economy and negatively impact our families.  This type of policy will cost jobs for our hardworking men and women of labor.  This will also hurt small businesses, especially restaurants that rely on gas cooking. And it will chase more residents out of our state.

The repeated effort to force our residents to utilize only electric also displays a lack of respect for those who fought to get it out of the budget last year.

This year, WE must join together to let Albany know that New Yorkers have had enough!  Please sign up below to tell Albany that our families, our businesses and our workers want a plan and not a ban!

                                                                                         Mario R. Mattera

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