Albany makes sure felons, sex offenders get vaccinated for COVID — tell you to wait in line

SEN. Mike Martucci

February 03, 2021

This is outrageous.

Seniors in my district are struggling to get access to a life saving vaccine, but Albany has chosen to prioritize violent sex offenders and felons instead.

Decisions like this are the reason I ran for Senate in the first place. The priorities in our capital are out of touch with working families in the Hudson Valley & Catskills and are beholden to radical special interest groups, instead. The state's vaccination rollout has been a disaster overall, and now we find out part of the reason why. Precious doses of the vaccine have been diverted to inmates and institutionalized sex offenders who broke society's laws, while law-abiding citizens sit and wait. I'm calling on the Governor and his administration to halt this process immediately.

Please sign my petition, linked below, so we can send a strong and unified message that our communities should be the priority for the COVID vaccine, not felons and sex offenders.

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