Petition: Pass the Victims’ Justice Agenda!

SEN. Pamela Helming

June 13, 2019

Liberal politicians in Albany continue to tip the scales of justice in favor or criminals over crime victims and law-abiding citizens. This must stop!

That’s why I’m fighting to re-balance the scales of justice by passing the Victims’ Justice Agenda. My Victims’ Justice Agenda includes:

  • Protecting families from violent, repeat offenders, by creating a violent felony offender registry similar to the state’s sex offender registry (The Domestic Violence Protection Act – Brittany’s Law, S.4644).
  • Toughening sentencing for murderers and repeat violent offenders (S.357 and S.1995).
  • Giving victims and their grieving families a stronger voice at parole hearings (S.1410 and S.1427).
  • Creating new guidelines at the Parole Board to keep dangerous criminals behind bars and off the street (S.5320, S.3734, and S.4354).
  • Protecting our most vulnerable by requiring health care facilities to report incidents of sexual offenses to the State Departments of Health and Education (Clara’s Law – S.1406).


Stop Albany’s pro-crime spree, and show your support for the Victims’ Justice Agenda! Sign the petition below and join me in standing up for crime victims and law-abiding citizens!

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