SEN. Sue Serino

August 22, 2019

New York State recently released a proposal that will require an estimated 3 million New Yorkers to pay a new fee the next time they register their vehicles. Under the proposed License Plate Replacement Program, in April 2020, New Yorkers who renew their vehicle registrations, will have to pay an additional $25 license plate replacement fee if their plates are ten years old or older—regardless of whether they are peeling or not. Those who want to keep their same plate number will also be required to pay an additional $20 to do so.

This is a money grab plain and simple. Here in the Hudson Valley we pay enough in outrageous fees to the DMV—like the $50.00 registration fee we have been forced to pay for years to fund the MTA—and residents are tired of it. That is why I am urging the DMV to rethink this misguided plan and revoke any requirement that forces New Yorkers to pay for new plates they simply do not need.

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